“We work to improve people’s quality of life through the harmonic development of body and mind.


We want to meet the need to feel good and fit through an offer of excellence, to provide authentic well-being.


We believe in the possibility to make it a more accessible and sustainable daily achievement.”

Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO


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The perfect union between fine materials and timeless elegance.

The forms follow the lines of the body, turning rest into a moment of true well-being.

The representation of all the passion for the wellness culture through a one-of-a-kind, distinctive type of design.

Wellness solutions designed to spend time completely immersed in nature, in a perfect balance between man and landscape.

An exclusive kind of design that defines a new type of wellness to be experienced in the most intimate of places: your home.

A distinctively contemporary style of wellness, offering a unique atmosphere with charming colours.